“The recent management has made lots of improvements in the last 6 months or so to the internal appearance of the building, the conduct and professionalism of the staff, the quality of the catering, the activities and the general ambiance of the home, it has a much more homely feel even having a family car. We visit daily at various times and there is always a friendly greeting and update on how dad has been and it’s nice to visibly see the management on a regular basis with a very welcoming open door policy and also getting involved in a general day to day activities. Nobody wants their relative living in a nursing home but it is reassuring and comforting for us to know that dad is being well cared for and looked after.”

Daughter of ResidentAlwoodleigh Care Home (Larchwood Care)

“We have worked successfully with HCMS on the administration of a number of trading care homes. Their hands on approach to managing the homes and improving the operational performance and compliance of the businesses was invaluable. Their experience of working closely and collaboratively with local authorities and the CQC provided stability in these businesses and assisted in securing key stakeholder support during critical phases of the assignments.”

Chris VilesSenior Associate, Zolfo Cooper LLP

Epilepsy Society has worked successfully with Healthcare Management Solutions (HCMS) from January 2014 to February 2015.

HCMS carried out an independent review of the Epilepsy Society residential care home services, identifying key issues and proposing solutions.

Their hands on approach to managing the residential care homes, improving operational performance and regulatory compliance was invaluable.

The HCMS team worked collaboratively with both the Epilepsy Society in house teams and external stakeholders to build trust and confidence.

HCMS are to be commended.

Sincerely & with very best wished


Angela GeerChief Executive, Epilepsy Society

”HCMS carried out an independent review of our clients healthcare business within a tight timeframe, identifying key issues within the business and proposing potential solutions. They drew on their strong links with the key authorities and overall their report and detailed numeric information proved extremely beneficial to both our client and the Bank.”

Andrew HamiltonAllied Irish Bank (GB)

“We have been a client of HCMS for 2 years now, providing us with the equivalent of a professional Regional Manager to oversee and guide the operation of the Home. In that time I have to say they have given us much needed peace of mind, particularly as the regulatory regime has got so much more complex in recent years. Also, for a one-home business like ours it is invaluable to have access to their company resources, such as HR, which we couldn’t possibly afford to run in-house ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending them to any care home operators who need to put their business on a more stable and professional footing.”

John HowardCare Home Director

“Having been in the care sector for over 15 years as a specialised finance broker to the sector and then a decade as an operator, I am king of the cynics, especially when it comes to so called ‘consultants’. Not this time. I would urge operators who are tinkering on the edge of ‘shall I, shan’t I’ in terms of whether to instruct them or not to call me! Tony and his team have a wealth of knowledge born out of years of experience, but the most refreshing thing for me was they just ‘get it’. They know the issues we face and they know the pitfalls and how to avoid them, be it finance related or operational. Normally I would say tread carefully, but for me on this occasion, take some good advice and talk to them. Then you will understand what I am saying.”

Christopher MitchellDirector, Park Lane Healthcare Limited