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Review of three family owned homes on behalf of a bank

A leading lender to the sector contacted HCMS with concern over the viability of a family operated, three home care group. The bank in question believed that the homes were being operated to a reasonably high standard but was concerned that a high cost base, together with the imminent end to a capital repayment moratorium […]

Is it time to turn our back on graduate-only entry to nursing?

Undoubtedly, major challenges face the healthcare sector – an ever-growing older population, improved diagnostic techniques leading to often-lengthy and expensive treatment, a more medically educated and discerning public, a critical media and government and scarce financial, material and human resources. On top of these issues, I see the most immediate challenge being the chronic shortage of qualified nurses. It is this problem that needs urgent attention

The nurse crisis. Is 2015 the year to reverse the mistakes of Project 2000?

There are undoubtedly a number of major challenges facing the healthcare sector – a growing elderly population, better diagnosis leading to often-lengthy courses of expensive treatment or surgery, more rigorous scrutiny by the general population, the media and government and a scarcity of resources, financial, practical and human. Of all of these I see the most immediate being the chronic shortage of qualified nurses and it’s this that needs addressing urgently