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Operational support to home owners with serious Regulatory issues

HCMS were contacted by a care home owner unsure of how to resolve problems with the Regulator (CQC) and commissioners following a series of mishandled Safeguarding cases. The owners saw the home as an investment and had no practical experience of care home operation. They had relied heavily upon their long serving Registered Manager to […]

Risk Review of 157 homes on behalf of a major national operator

In late 2013, HCMS was retained to carry out a high-level risk review of 157 care homes for a major national operator who wanted an independent and objective review across their portfolio. This represented 50% of the operator’s care-homes across all three national regulatory areas. HCMS’ review programme resulted in the fieldwork for all 157 […]

Operational review and strategic reporting for a UK Charity

January 2014 saw HCMS undertake a review of seven specialist care services operated by a major UK Charity as part of its group operations. The Board, who were considering the group’s long-term strategic direction and future development opportunities, needed an independent and objective report on how effectively the Charity was leading and operating its care […]

Review of three family owned homes on behalf of a bank

A leading lender to the sector contacted HCMS with concern over the viability of a family operated, three home care group. The bank in question believed that the homes were being operated to a reasonably high standard but was concerned that a high cost base, together with the imminent end to a capital repayment moratorium […]

Is it time to turn our back on graduate-only entry to nursing?

Undoubtedly, major challenges face the healthcare sector – an ever-growing older population, improved diagnostic techniques leading to often-lengthy and expensive treatment, a more medically educated and discerning public, a critical media and government and scarce financial, material and human resources. On top of these issues, I see the most immediate challenge being the chronic shortage of qualified nurses. It is this problem that needs urgent attention