Star ratings – a solution yes, but to what problems? – Healthcare Business

The recently announced news of the CQC’s return to a star rating system has had the wires buzzing for some time now and it has been the cause of much hot debate.

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Chief executive of insolvency consultancy and care home operator Healthcare Management Solutions Tony Stein explains how the groups’ various functions marry up and gives CCMn an update on the sector’s newest major operator Akari Care.

Care home insurance – can risk management halt the rising cost?

Concern over the management of care homes in the UK is a topical and sensitive issue. Mismanagement of care homes has now begun to take precedence over the sector’s widely publicised financial difficulties.

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Tony Stein, managing director of Healthcare Management Solutions, asks whether the care sector is losing sight of the CQC’s purpose…

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Care homes seem to be coming an increasingly frequent topic of conversation – here, Tony Stein sets out why this may be and, more importantly, what to look out for and how we can help.