Dedicated Staff Teams and Suppliers Key in Tackling Challenges of Coronavirus

Healthcare Management Solutions CEO Tony Stein praises the dedicated teams at Healthcare Management Solutions managed homes across the UK during an interview BBC Sussex.

Healthcare Management Solutions CEO Tony Stein has praised the dedication of care home staff, support staff, and suppliers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to BBC Sussex on 15th April 2020, Mr Stein said; “Our staff teams have risen to the challenge amazingly well, with huge amounts of professionalism. I am very, very proud of the way they have dealt with this.” 

After being asked if social care, and care homes in particular, are the ‘forgotten sector’ at this moment in time, Mr Stein highlighted the important role that social care is playing in this pandemic.

Although the teams at Healthcare Management Solutions care homes are facing unprecedented challenges, with visiting restrictions not allowing residents to see their loved ones to reduce the risk of infection, and a number of staff self-isolating for various reasons, Mr Stein remained appreciative of the way staff have tackled the challenges they face.

“These are difficult times, but we’re showing exactly what the care sector is capable of.”

Keeping our Care Homes Supplied with PPE

On the subject of PPE supplies, Mr Stein explained how good relationships with suppliers and the dedication of Head Office staff have overcome issues faced elsewhere in the sector.

“We’ve managed to keep our homes supplied, and we’ve done that by working closely with suppliers. We’ve had our own Head Office team out delivering PPE to the homes so that the suppliers to us could deliver in one lump to Head Office and we could deal with the distribution.”

When quizzed about the issue of testing for cases of COVID-19 in care homes, Mr Stein said; “When it comes to residents, we make an assumption that any resident that is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, we automatically assume that it is COVID-19 and we isolate and we barrier nurse those individuals. I think if you make the assumption that everybody that has the symptoms is infected, then that’s a great way of maintaining control over the infection in the home.”

Listen to the full interview to hear how our teams have been dealing with the challenges presented by the Coronavirus outbreak since the very first reported cases of COVID-19 in the UK.