Healthcare Management Solutions (HCMS) is delighted to be supporting Alzheimer’s Society for the year 2024. This underscores our commitment to addressing the challenges faced by individuals and families living with dementia, a condition that affects many within the HCMS-managed care homes, including Larchwood Care, Qualia Care, and Wren Retirement Living.

Throughout the year, HCMS head office and our homes will undertake a series of fundraising initiatives aimed at bolstering the efforts of Alzheimer’s Society.

One of the first to step up to the challenge is Sam Armstrong, our north east regional manager. Sam set herself the ambitious goal of walking 150 miles during February as she visited various homes under her supervision. This was not just a personal challenge but a rallying call to others, aiming to inspire action and support for Alzheimer’s Society.  Her commitment has already surpassed expectations, raising more than £550, well above her initial target of £300.

“Every step I took on this journey is dedicated to the incredible individuals living with dementia in the homes we manage, and their families. It’s a cause that resonates deeply with us, and I was determined to make every mile count,” Sam said.

The momentum doesn’t stop with her efforts. Later in the year, two colleagues from the head office will participate in the Great North Run. This collective effort from HCMS staff at all levels highlights the company’s holistic approach to charity work, emphasising teamwork, community involvement, and the shared goal of making a difference.

Tony Stein, CEO of Healthcare Management Solutions, expressed his pride in the company’s initiative, saying: “Our fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society embodies our core values of care and support for the wider community. We are uniquely positioned to understand the impact of dementia, and this partnership allows us to extend our support beyond our homes and into the broader society. Together, we aim to make a substantial difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.”

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