Leading the Way with Innovative Support Frameworks

At Healthcare Management Solutions, alongside our commitment to delivering quality care for older people, we’re dedicated to providing leading care and support for individuals with learning disabilities and autism. We’re excited to introduce our latest innovation: the INSPIRE framework. This forward-thinking approach is already making waves, ensuring our services not only meet but exceed standards, particularly in regulatory inspections, such as the CQC, Care Inspectorate Wales and Care Inspectorate Scotland.

INSPIRE is more than just a set of documentation. It’s a comprehensive practice and quality framework designed to enhance the support we offer. By blending new, specific insights for learning disability care with our existing framework, INSPIRE helps our care teams deliver personalised, safe, and reliable services. This hybrid approach empowers our staff with the tools they need to provide exceptional care, improving experiences and outcomes for everyone involved.

One of the standout features of INSPIRE is its user-friendly, person-centred tools. These tools help our teams get to know the people we support, plan and work with them collaboratively, and effectively document and review their progress. By emphasising working ‘with’ people rather than ‘for’ them, INSPIRE ensures that those we care for have a voice in their support and the opportunity to learn new skills in a consistent format.

INSPIRE also includes a specific ‘care file audit’ to maintain consistency and high standards in our documentation. We’re continuously developing new policies and exploring innovative ways to involve the people we support in staff recruitment, ensuring the best matches for our residents.

Silverlake Care’s Buttermere House was the first service under HCMS management to adopt the new framework. Alexandra Sule, home manager of Buttermere House, said:

“I was very honoured to be the first home trailing INSPIRE documentation, it has transformed the way we complete care plans, they have more meaning to the lives of the people we support. It is wonderful that the people we support can get involved in writing the information and planning their own care. The INSPIRE documentation is definitely INSPIRING, and I do hope all LD services will approach it and embrace it as we did.”

I want to congratulate everyone who has built INSPIRE, especially HCMS’s quality manager, Maggie McCaul, for her dedication and effort in providing this amazing tool.”

We’re proud to be at the forefront of care innovation, providing our teams with the resources they need to excel.

Stay up to date for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare support!

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