Operational Review and Strategic Reporting for a UK Charity

HCMS undertook a review of seven specialist care services operated by a major UK Charity as part of its group operations.

The Board, who were considering the group’s long-term strategic direction and future development opportunities, needed an independent and objective report on how effectively the Charity was leading and operating its care services in terms of quality and cost management, along with recommendations for improvements.

HCMS completed the detailed operational review of the seven services within five working days and provided the operational management team with a ‘Red-Amber-Green’ assessment of the level of risk presented along with a detailed schedule of corrective action required for each service. In addition, the financial review identified significant cost savings for the services through improvements in staffing and other overhead cost reduction.

The comprehensive review of the market for the Charity’s care services, including a review of the operational leadership and management team, provided the Board with the information needed to commence their strategic review process.