Response to CQC guidance on covert filming

Responding to the guidance released today (12th February 2015) by the Care Quality Commission regarding covert filming Tony Stein, chief executive of Healthcare Management Solutions, said:

Tony Stein“Whilst I have concerns about the use of covert surveillance generally but particularly within a care setting, a small part of me can understand why the CQC feels the need to issue guidance in this area.

“It may or may not be a good idea but whilst there is the risk of hidden cameras being used, then some guidance is helpful.

“The answer however is not that we find ways of catching abuse but that we prevent it in the first place. Improved training both for those delivering care and also for those supervising its delivery to prevent it happening in the first place must be the preferred solution.

“Those paying for care, the cash-strapped Local Authorities and CCGs have been demonstrated time and again to fall short of paying the true cost of care. More realistic fee levels would enable providers to invest much more in the fabric of their homes and in ensuring a suitable trained and motivated work force. In order for realistic fees to be paid the local authority and NHS budgets need to be combined, to ensure the most efficient use of funds, and the system of funding needs to be simplified to give certainty to operators and clarity to consumers. This is the way forward, not the covert filming of service users.”

Healthcare Management Solutions provides care home operators, owners, banks, financiers and insolvency practitioners with management, support, monitoring, business review and quality audit for the assets they are involved with in the care home sector.

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