In response to the EU referendum vote

Tony Stein

Tony Stein, chief executive, Healthcare Management Solutions

“It appears as though some operators in the sector have the benefit of foresight that most of us lack.

They decry the Brexit decision as a disaster on the basis that the economic decline (that they seem sure will occur) will reduce the resources that the government has to spend on health and social care. Surely the impact on the economy has yet to be seen…..

Others suggest that leaving the EU will lead to a staff and skills shortage given the inability to source staff from the EU. Unless I’ve missed something, no decisions have yet been taken about what our post-Brexit immigration policy will be.

In my opinion it is unhelpful to start to panic or to take actions based upon pure speculation. It is vital that we identify all of the potential issues and bring these to the decision-makers during the Brexit planning stage in order to ensure that any decisions are made on the basis of the best possible information. To become despondent for what might not be is simply a waste of energy.”

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